Riding Lessons

Bay Point Equestrian Center, LLC is proud to have three instructors: Jessica, Mallory, and Molly. We have lesson horses and ponies available for all riding levels, or ride your own!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are $50 for 45 minutes. All riders will begin with an initial private lesson. This allows us a chance to discuss goals, aspirations, or concerns.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are $35 for 1 hour. Groups will be comprised of riders of similar skill and age levels. Groups are a great way to get to know the rest of our barn family!

Mini Lessons

“Mini Lessons” are $15 and are available for children ages 3-5 who may not be ready for intensity or duration of a full 45 minute lesson. The lessons are 15 minute long leadline lessons where riders will learn about horse safety, basic commands (how to walk/halt/turn/back up), and fun horse facts. “Mini Lesson” horses and ponies will be groomed, tacked up, and untacked by staff.


Beginners will be taught how to groom, tack up, and untack during their initial private lessons. All other riders please plan on arriving 30 minutes before your lesson time to get your horse ready, and allow yourself 30 minutes after your lesson to cool out and put your horse away. All riders must wear boots (with a heel) and an ASTM/SEI certified helmet. Helmets will be supplied to students who do not have their own.

Find out about our Lesson Horses

We have several horses which assist in teaching riders how to begin working around and riding these wonderful animals

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