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Shop for high quality horse supplements at reasonable prices. Money back guarantee. Use my code  JSNYD for 15% off

“I’ve tried countless supplements over the years, and I was never 100% happy with anything. Now all my horses are on Grand Premium Plus, and they are the healthiest I have ever seen. I am able to feed all 13 of my horses a high quality supplement at a fraction of the price I was paying before. I’m feeding everything my horses need: joint, hoof, skin/coat, vitamins/minerals, digestive/immune, and tendon/ligament. The peace of mind this supplement gives me is immeasurable.” Jessica


A fall safety training program that every rider should attend.

“The risk of having a serious injury is once in every 55 falls. A rotational fall, however, increases the risk to once every 5 falls. The LandSafe Rider Fall Safety System is a training program designed to teach the best practices of fall prevention and response.”


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